92 Mean Girls Trivia Questions and Answers

Welcome to our Mean Girls Trivia! Are you ready to test your knowledge about this cult classic? From iconic quotes to subtle plot details, this trivia is designed to challenge even the biggest Mean Girls enthusiasts. The film that gave us “On Wednesdays, we wear pink!” and “She doesn’t even go here!” continues to entertain and inspire, nearly two decades after its release.

This trivia covers various elements of the movie, like character quirks, storyline specifics, and hilarious one-liners. Some questions may seem easy, while others will really make you rack your brains. So, buckle up, grab some friends, and prepare for a fetch time. Let’s see who is the real Mean Girls expert here!

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1. Who wrote the screenplay for Mean Girls?

2. Which book was Mean Girls based on?

3. Which Saturday Night Live (SNL) producer produced Mean Girls?

4. Who played Cady Heron in Mean Girls?

5. Which actress played Regina George?

6. Who played the role of Karen Smith?

7. Which actress played Gretchen Wieners?

8. Who played Ms. Norbury?

9. Which city is Cady Heron from?

10. What does ‘fetch’ mean according to Gretchen Wieners?

11. Who was the original choice to play Regina George?

12. What day does Aaron ask Cady what day it is?

13. What animal does Karen claim she has a fifth sense about?

14. What does Cady gift Regina in an attempt to sabotage her diet?

15. Which character says the iconic line, ‘She doesn’t even go here’?

16. What club does Ms. Norbury coach?

17. What’s the name of the school in Mean Girls?

18. Why did Cady pretend to be bad at math?

19. Who revealed the contents of the ‘Burn Book’ to the whole school?

20. What punishment does Ms. Norbury suggest for the Plastics at the end of the movie?

21. Who plays the ‘Cool Mom’ of Regina George?

22. What song does Damian sing at the Winter Talent Show?

23. Which class is Ms. Norbury teaching?

24. Which character has ‘ESPN’ or ‘a fifth sense’?

25. Who does Cady have a crush on?

26. What does Regina write about herself in the ‘Burn Book’?

27. Who is the first person to be hit by a bus in the movie?

28. What is the English translation of the Vietnamese dish that Trang Pak’s mother offers Cady?

29. What is the full name of the principal in Mean Girls?

30. What word does Damian use to describe Regina’s hair?

31. What gift does Ms. Norbury receive during the Christmas talent show?

32. What are the Plastics’ rules for what to wear on Wednesdays?

33. Who was the actor who played Aaron Samuels?

34. What does Regina’s ‘cool mom’ offer Cady and the Plastics?

35. Who says the line ‘I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom’?

36. What food is Gretchen not allowed to eat because of her dad’s business?

37. Why can’t Regina participate in the ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ dance?

38. Who does Cady end up with at the end of the movie?

39. What does Regina start eating after she thinks she’s on an all-carb diet?

40. Why is Cady home-schooled before attending North Shore High School?

41. What does Cady mistakenly believe ‘fugly’ means when she first hears it?

42. Who did Janis used to be friends with?

43. Which character does Tina Fey play in Mean Girls?

44. Which two students share a secret love of Taco Bell?

45. What color do the Plastics wear on Wednesdays?

46. Who does Janis reveal she is in love with at the prom?

47. What does the Burn Book label Damian as?

48. Who wins Spring Fling Queen?

49. What does Cady break at the Spring Fling?

50. What is Regina George’s younger sister seen doing in the background?

51. What is the last line of the movie?

52. Who is said to have ‘a heavy flow and a wide-set vagina’ in the Burn Book?

53. Who does Janis tell Cady to watch out for on her first day of school?

54. What is the fake name that Cady uses at the Halloween party?

55. Who does Regina’s mom have a ‘cool’ relationship with?

56. What is the name of the math competition that the Mathletes compete in?

57. What dance do the Plastics perform at the Winter Talent Show?

58. What are the ‘army pants and flip-flops’ that Cady buys because Regina George wore them?

59. What store does Regina George’s mom get her ‘cool’ clothing from?

60. Who gets four candy cane grams?

61. Who did not get any candy cane grams?

62. What does Janis reveal about herself at the art show?

63. Who is said to ‘always have a thing for Aaron Samuels’?

64. What is Janis’s last name?

65. What language does Kevin Gnapoor rap in during the Winter Talent Show?

66. Who are the three people that Cady apologizes to at the Spring Fling dance?

67. Who does Regina George start dating after she and Aaron break up?

68. What kind of car does Regina George’s family have?

69. What are the two things that Ms. Norbury is accused of being in the Burn Book?

70. What subject is Cady Heron failing when she’s pretending to be bad at math?

71. Who does Cady say she’s ‘in love’ with at her house party?

72. What does Regina George wear that was never in the Plastics’ dress code?

73. What is Cady’s Halloween costume?

74. What does Ms. Norbury coach?

75. What does Damian say when Janis reveals she’s in love with Kevin Gnapoor?

76. Who becomes the new queen bee after Regina George?

77. What do the Plastics eat for lunch every day?

78. What is the one thing that Cady has that the Plastics don’t have?

79. What does Regina George’s mom use to make her chest look bigger?

80. What is the first line of the movie?

81. What is the first rule in the Plastics’ dress code?

82. Who is ‘almost too gay to function’?

83. What is the name of the bar where the Mathletes celebrate their victory?

84. Who does Cady think is her true friend when she first meets the Plastics?

85. Who does Janis Ian send a candy cane gram to?

86. What grade is Cady Heron in?

87. Who calls Cady Heron a ‘homeschool jungle freak’?

88. What does Damian refer to his and Janis’s art as?

89. Who is Cady’s first friend at North Shore High School?

90. What kind of toaster strudel does Gretchen Wieners’s father invent?

91. What is Cady’s full name?

92. What is the color of the dress that Cady wears to her house party?

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