24 Things To Remember When You Feel Lost in Life

It doesn’t matter how charismatic you are or how big of a celebrity you are. Just about all of us have days where we’re feeling lost in life or just isolated from everybody.

Knowing we’re not alone in feeling this way can be comforting. But what do we do in moments we’re feeling lost and lonely?

Whether you’ve graduated, lost a job, or lost a loved one, with enough time and thought, you can find your way again.

Here are things to remember whenever you feel lost in your life:

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1. It’s okay

We all have to take time to focus on ourselves every now and then. When you take time to be alone for a while, you can build confidence in being able to take care of yourself.

You recognize that you don’t always have to rely on other people to help you out. It becomes less difficult to take time to be by yourself in the future.

And if anyone considers it selfish of you to be alone for a moment, know that it’s not selfish at all.

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2. Loneliness allows you to face hard truths

Being around people can be a great distraction when we need one. But sometimes we really do need to be focused.

When you’re in the wilderness of life by yourself, it’s just you and your problems. Be glad that in you time alone you can see them clearly.

You know what needs to be fixed and now you can make things right.

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3. Your lost feeling can guide you

The saying about knowing where you’ve been to know where you’re going is an appropriate thought here.

Our feeling lonely and lost can be a sign that where we are isn’t yet where we belong. That there’s still something more meaningful we need to search for and find.

Being by yourself can give you a chance to do some self-reflection. You can discover the much deeper things in life waiting for you beyond your current feelings.

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4. There’s freedom in feeling alone

It’s easy to fall into a spiral of self-pity and self-loathing. But being alone doesn’t have to be viewed as a negative thing.

You can view this as a time of freedom to live on your own terms. You can be thrilled at the idea of not constantly seeking approval from others.

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5. You can take control

You don’t have to fall into victim mentality about your current state of loneliness. No person or circumstance in life can force you to feel a certain way.

You can choose happiness whenever you’re ready to. Learn how happiness is a choice.

6. Keep doing your best

When we’re feeling a sense of isolation, it can be easy to start getting lazy and undisciplined. Now isn’t the time to let your low emotions cause your effort to wane.

Keep doing the best you can through the pain, the heartache, and the darkness.

You’re living a story of perseverance through obstacles that others will be inspired by one day.

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7. Recognize the person you’ve become

In challenging times, we realize the person we really are. The path we’ve taken with the people and circumstances we’ve encountered have shaped us.

Sometimes in ways we can be proud of, other times in ways we might not be proud of. Still, we can own we are, as imperfect as we may be.

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8. Value your time

It’s important not to waste time being stuck in the past or worrying about the future. Value your time by using it to keep taking steps forward.

As the time passes, you’ll be grateful for all the work you put in.

9. Do some journaling

Recording your thoughts in a journal can help make things clearer for you. It can also just relieve some stress while you’re figuring things out.

You could write down affirmations everyday as motivation. It might reduce some of your feelings of feeling lost.

10. You aren’t the first, and won’t be the last

The struggles of being lost are more common than most of us are willing to admit. Even when people seem like they know where they’re going, they might be secretly lonely inside.

But somehow someway, throughout history, many people have found their way out of the wilderness of life. You can believe that you will too.

11. It’s a time of self-discovery

A lot of the reason we may feel lost is because we don’t really know what we want in life. Sure, we all want to be happy, but what does that look like?

It’s different for everybody. You have to sit down and think about what happiness is for you. Make a list of things that would really make you feel good.

It could be moving to a new place, starting a family, or pursuing a dream. Once you know what you want, it gets easier to find a new direction.

12. You have multiple paths

When you know what you want, you can start thinking of different paths to take to make it happen. Here’s an important thing to remember though.

Are you ready?


More often than not, there’s never just one path to get what you want. Always view the world as being filled with limitless possibilities and opportunities.

When you have that mindset, you’re more likely to spot a way forward that others have missed.

Even if it feels like there’s no path forward, always believe it’s possible there’s another way.

It may not be in the way you expected, but you could still get what you ultimately want in the end.

13. You don’t need all the answers

Knowing where you’re going in life doesn’t mean you have to know everything. All the answers you need will come in time.

Just do your best to work with the answers you have now. Learn what you can every day, and you’ll know enough to get where you need to be.

14. Real change is necessary

Doing the same things you’ve been doing keeps you feeling lost. Make a real change in your life to get some new direction.

If you’ve been needing to lose weight for a while, start committing to regular exercise. Maybe you’ve not been happy with your job lately.

Make plans to quit and search for a new career. A real change will give you clarity on your future.

Do something different and see what opportunities that leads you too.

15. Help is there if you need it

As adults, most of us prefer to figure things out ourselves. But there’s nothing wrong with asking for advice.

Leaders and celebrities all have advisors to help them figure out the best choices. Talk to people who know something about getting what you want.

Talk to your friends and family to see what insights they have to offer. See if you can find some older folks that can offer you some wisdom.

After you’ve gotten a lot of advice, you can decide what makes most sense to you. Believe in your judgment to come to the decision that seems right.

16. Seek calm and quiet

Sometimes we just need to clear our heads. One of the best ways to do that is going out in nature. Take a hike in the woods and give yourself some time to think.

If you’re not the biggest nature person, then you can take time to be alone in your home. Find a time when it’s really quiet to just sit and reflect.

The early morning usually tends to be the quietest time. Try waking up early to give yourself a moment of solace.

17. Try new things

Doing something new may reveal a whole new passion that you never knew you had. That gives you a renewed sense of purpose and direction in life.

So often we just stick to the same old things we’ve always done. But as was said before, the same things will usually lead to the same things.

New things will usually lead to new things. I know it sounds simple and basic, but that’s how it is. I never envisioned starting a blog on minimalism and self-help

My partner never envisioned starting a vegan comfort food blog. But here we are doing it now, and it’s opened new opportunities, and we really enjoy it.

Be encouraged to try something new. You never know how much good could come from it.

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18. Daily goals are helpful

I’ve said it often in many of my self-help posts. Without a plan, it’s harder to make things happen. It can help you to write down a set of daily goals.

It’s a guide for you on where you’re trying to take your life. If you do these goals every day, you get better as a person, and open up more possibilities.

You can start with something simple like a goal to walk ten minutes every day. It could be a goal to declutter one item from your home every day.

The easier these goals are, the more likely it is you’ll do them. As you build up that consistency, it builds up your confidence enough to take on more goals.

Remember, action makes things happen.

19. Read

Whether it’s books or articles, just keep getting new ideas of how to live. I know self-help stuff can seem overrated at times.

But every now and then, you can come across information that really enlightens you. You find something that speaks to you and moves you to act.

Read up on different personal development books and articles. Beyond that, learn new ways to take care of yourself.

The better you take care of yourself, the more energy you have to really find your way in life.

20. Be patient

I know you probably don’t want to hear this, but you have to be patient. A clear path rarely comes over night.

It often takes time. But it can be all worth the wait. Just know that things can eventually be clear to you. Then, do the next thing I’m about to tell you.

21. Trust that it’ll all work out

If you don’t believe things will work out, then more than likely they won’t. You have to have a positive attitude and believe you’ll make a way for yourself.

Believe you’ll find a light at the end of the tunnel of despair you’re in. I always think to myself no matter what, I’ll be okay.

I don’t know how, and I don’t know when, but I will. Keep that thought in your mind throughout this time.

22. Pray

Some of you aren’t religious and that’s fine. But it won’t hurt you to tap into a spiritual source. Pray for guidance in what you should do in life.

Who knows, maybe the answers will appear right in front of you after you finish. It’s good to use all the tools you can to see if it makes a difference.

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23. Travel

Maybe you need to get out of where you live for a while. Perhaps go to another town or another country.

Traveling could re-ignite a spark in you to pursue something you really want in life. Take a trip somewhere for a while and enjoy yourself.

When you come back, see how you feel about what direction you want to take next.

24. Keep going and don’t give up

One of the most important things you need to do is keep going and don’t give up. Imagine you got lost in the woods.

Would you just stop and give up? Of course not. You would keep going until you found a way out. That’s the way you have to approach life.

Keep going and never give up.

Being lost doesn’t always feel good, but it’s not the end of the world. In fact, it’s maybe the beginning of a whole new world of joy, peace, and contentment.

You’re lost now, but you will find a way again soon. Believe it.

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  1. Maria Pinto says:

    Here are a few books that put me on the road to voluntary simplicity.

    Voluntary Simplicity by Duane Elgin

    The Circle of Simplicity by Cecile Andrews

    Books by Helen and Scott Nearing who were true pioneers in the area of Voluntary Simplicity & Frugality way before it became popular and more mainstream.

    1. Thanks, Maria. I believe I’ve heard of the first one. I’ll have to check out all of them. I’ve found Wayne Dyer’s books really insightful myself. Though his books weren’t specifically about simple living, there are lessons that could relate.

  2. Maria Pinto says:

    I have “The Shift” By Wayne Dyer. I have to read it again. I am waiting for a bookshelf so all my books are on the floor! I am reading about 5 books simultaneously, I have to get cracking on them. That is a work from Aardman’s Wallace and Grommit Movies. Boy we all need a little breathing room and laughter now.