Never Settle For Less – 5 Ways To Achieve Your Desires

If you’re reading this now, you can still live the life that you’ve always wanted. If you don’t know what you want, then there are ways to discover your purpose. Once you’ve discovered it, put in the work to achieving that life.

If you’re not putting in any work to get the happiness you want, then you’re just settling. Don’t give up. Life gets hard for everybody sometimes, but as long as you’re breathing, you still have a chance at success.

The meaning of never settling is all about not settling for whatever you don’t like about your life right now. You don’t have to settle for a bad relationship, a job you hate, or anything you’re unhappy with. As an unknown author once said, “Never allow yourself to be so desperate that you end up settling for far less than what you deserve”

Get back up, set new goals, and work on accomplishing them again. You have the power to start changing your life today.

Before I started writing this article, I reflected on what vision I have for the future to motivate me. While I’m still figuring it out, I was able to come to some ideas that are helping inspire me to work.

You can think of a vision you have for your future life, relationship, or business. Use that vision and hope you have for the days ahead to inspire you to work hard. If you don’t want to settle for anything less than what you want, here are some tips that can help you stay on the track of getting what you desire in life.

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1. Develop personal responsibility

Personal responsibility is about recognizing that you have control over your own actions and destiny. It’s understanding that you have choices you can make to help your life be better.

People often blame others for their failures before acknowledging their own mistakes. It won’t help you to sit around blaming your circumstances for where you are.

We don’t always get the fairest shakes in life. But we do all get some ability to make decisions that can change our reality for the better.

You may not be able to control everything, but you can control something. One example of what you can control is your thoughts.

Our thoughts are powerful because they can influence our actions. If you think you’re not worthy or talented enough to get what you want, are you going to work for more than you have? Most likely you’re not.

But if you think you can accomplish your goals and create the life you desire, you have a good chance of making it happen. Believe in the power of choice, and choose to make better decisions with the beliefs that they can lead to the better outcomes you hope for someday.

2. Think Big

Thinking small about our expectations in life is settling. You’re already choosing to accept that you can’t have exactly what you want. But why can’t you?

So many other people in life started where you are. They didn’t have all the knowledge, skills, or talent that they have now. A lot of people had to work hard and be consistent until they finally developed themselves to the point of success.

Russell Wilson is a successful Super Bowl winning quarterback in the NFL. One of my favorite quotes that he repeats often is, “why not us?” I believe his mindset of thinking big about him and his team winning a Super Bowl was helpful to them eventually doing that.

That mindset of believing you can accomplish great things in life could help you too. Start thinking big about what you want to achieve.

Feel good about the chances you have of making your hopes come true. Let that be more energy to fuel you to fulfill your dreams.

3. Write out the goal

You setting a goal is you deciding that this is something you’re going to work to make happen. If you just keep it in your head, then it’ll likely remain a fantasy.

It may be months away until another new year, but it’s time to start writing out the resolutions. It’s time to start planning things out. Among the things you can be planning include:

You can also put together your own vision board and have your own affirmations to repeat everyday. Use all the best tools you can to help yourself succeed at having the best things you want.

4. Stay positive

Just about all of us encounter moments in life where we’re struggling. Those moments can make us feel down and feel like nothing’s going to change.

In those moments, while it’s okay acknowledge those feelings you’re feeling, it’s important not to dwell in them. You can acknowledge your doubts and still be hopeful that your future is going to get better.

Find ways to help yourself to stay positive and encouraged in your difficulties. Listen to motivational speakers or have someone close to you be there to offer positive words. Choose to believe things can work out for the best.

If you allow yourself to stay stuck in negativity, you’re allowing yourself to settle. You’re missing out on the chance to overcome and potentially have more.

Think of your story like a movie that has a hero’s arc. The hero in most stories and films always has some kind of major setback at some point in their journey.

But in the end, they overcome that setback and ultimately find a way to succeed. Believe that can be your story. Find the good in the midst of your major setbacks.

5. Always believe in yourself

Believe you can be the person you need to be to have what you want. Believe in yourself to put in the work that needs to be done to succeed. Know your worth.

There’s already enough people in this world that can doubt us. There’s already enough people in this world that will put down who we are and what we can be.

You don’t need to be another person on that list. Even if you’re the only person on the list of people that believe in you, that’s all the more joy you can feel when you prove everyone wrong.

Don’t settle for what people say you can be. Thomas Edison’s teacher told his mom that he was too stupid to learn, and yet we have the light bulb today because of him. Walt Disney was told he lacked imagination, but he kept pursuing his dreams and created some of the greatest entertainment in history.

Many people get doubted and many people get told what they can and can’t do. But you can choose not to settle for what people say about you and one day hopefully prove all your doubters wrong.

Final thoughts on not settling

Be encouraged to go after more in life if that’s what you want. If you’re okay where you are right now, that’s fine too. But don’t be okay just because you think you can’t have more.

At least give yourself a chance. Take each day and try to put in a little work towards your desires. You never know if you might actually bring them to reality one day.

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