Lollapalooza Trivia Questions And Answers (2022)

Lollapalooza is a huge music festival that hosts over 400,000 people every July. If you plan on enjoying the event this year, you can also enjoy these Lollapalooza trivia questions and answers.

The annual event has been around since the early 90s. Some of the biggest music acts of all time have performed there. Our Lollapalooza trivia will test and quiz you on all your knowledge of this storied festival. 

Learn some of the most interesting facts about this event’s history. With all that said, enjoy this fun and interesting Lollapalooza trivia.

Music festival crowd

Lollapalooza Trivia

1. What year did Lollapalooza first start? 

2. How many days does Lollapalooza last?

3. Who created Lollapalooza?

4. What was the festival originally created for?

5. What year was Lollapalooza canceled due to poor ticket sales?

6. What international city was the first to host a part of the festival?

7. What city was the first European Lollapalooza held?

8. What year was Lollapalooza revived after not being held for six years?

9. What band was offered $10 million to perform at the festival in 1994 but declined?

10. What city has Lollapalooza been hosted in since 2005?

11. What was the festival renamed for one year in 2020?

12. What does the word Lollapalooza mean?

13. What movie did Perry Farrell discover the word Lollapalooza?

14. Who was the youngest artist to ever perform at the music festival?

15. Where is Lollapalooza being live-streamed this year?

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